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Welcome to D3 SOAR

D3 provides the only fully integrated cybersecurity management SOAR platform on the market. Our latest SOAR product incorporates the most advanced technology in incident response, event ingestion, artifact auto-enrichment, Playbook configuration, codeless and custom integrations and plenty more. The intuitive architecture of our platform provides your organization with optimal flexibility when designing a cost-effective system that accommodates your existing business requirements.

Some of the core functionalities implemented within the latest SOAR platform include:

Embeded MITRE ATT&K Framework

D3 Security is the first SOAR provider to embed the MITRE ATT&CK framework into its platform.The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a comprehensive knowledge base for cyber adversary tactics and techniques, based upon global, real-world observations. With this powerful tool, users are armed with a holistic understanding of potential cyberattacks and the various stages these threats have progressed to. The platform can also seamlessly ingest and map events from multiple data sources into the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which are subsequently fed into response playbooks.

Comprehensive Integration Support

D3 offers integrations with over 400+ cybersecurity tools, of which are optimized for activities within the entire cyber incident response lifecycle. In addition to out-of-the-box integrations, our system also offers custom integration connections for SOC teams via codeless playbooks and Python scripts. The flexibility of our integrations allows teams of any complexity to seamlessly connect with any tools they may require.

Codeless Playbook Editor

Modeled upon flow-based programming, D3's redesigned Playbook editor is intelligent and entirely codeless. With these Playbook tasks, SOC teams can set up complex workflow logic and automation with ease. A well-defined Playbook can guide complex incident handling, user and system interactions, and also unify best practices across the organization.

Collaboration Centric Platform

The SOAR platform fosters deeper collaboration and information sharing between individual team members and cross-team departments by enforcing granular access controls and shared workspaces.

Reader Note

Every effort has been made to ensure that this user manual is an accurate representation of the functionality of the SOAR Platform. As with every software application, development continues after the documentation has gone to press so small inconsistencies may occur. We would appreciate any feedback on this manual.

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