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View Credentials While Editing

In select areas within D3 SOAR where credential modifications are required, a visibility toggle icon (depicted as an eye icon) has been introduced to aid in password entry and verification. This feature has been deployed across various areas of the platform, as listed below:

  • Preferences: Under the "Change Password" option.

  • Organization Management: Navigate to "Users" then "Change Password."

  • Connections Module: While creating or editing a connection.

  • Integration Configuration: While creating or editing connection credential parameters and Password Vault connections.

  • Playbook Editor: While creating or editing a connection within a command task with an integration command.

Please note that once a password has been saved, the eye icon will not be available when revisiting the credentials. To re-activate the visibility toggle, you must clear the existing password entries and re-input the passwords.

Utility Command Enhancement

Correlate Events: Associated Incident Numbers Added to Output Context Data

The updated Correlate Events utility command now returns incident numbers linked to the correlated event in the output Context Data. This is particularly useful when events have been escalated to incidents, and there's a need to consolidate multiple events into a single incident.

Previously, while correlated events could be grouped together, the corresponding incidents needed to be closed individually. With the inclusion of incident numbers alongside correlated events, you now have the ability to bulk-close related incidents with subsequent playbook tasks.

Enhanced Query Functionality in Event and Incident Management Utility Commands

We have improved the Search Condition parameters for the following event and incident management utility commands:

  • Link Event to Incident

  • Link to Related Event Incident

  • Update Identical Event

  • Trigger Incident External Action

Previously, functionality of the Search Condition for event and incident queries was limited to exact matches on event or incident fields as demonstrated below.

  "EventType": "aaa",
  "__CustomField": "bbbb"

It does not extend support for more advanced query operations such as comparisons (greater than or less than), time range specifications, 'In' operator usage, or regular expression matching.

With the new enhancement, the Search Condition parameters now support a broader spectrum of query syntaxes and capabilities such as range queries, regex matching, and more. You can seamlessly filter incidents based on attributes like type, status, severity, or a specific date range, among other criteria.

For example:

  "Type": "Phishing",
  "Severity": { "$in": ["Critical", "High"]  },
  "Title": { "$regex": "email", "$options": "i" }


  "CreatedUtcTime": {
    "$gt": {
      "$date": "2023-08-01T00:00:00Z"
    "$lt": {
      "$date": "2023-08-08T00:00:00Z"
  "ExternalKey": { "$regex": "^Phishing" }

These examples show how the enhanced Search Condition parameters can be utilized with the new enhancements to precisely find your incident and event data to perform command actions.

Creating a File from Input Text Array: Added Support for HTML Files

The Create a File from Input Text Array utility command has been enhanced to support HTML file generation using a text array input. To do this, simply select 'HTML' as the Output Type when configuring the command's input parameters.


New Integrations

The following integrations have been added to this release of D3 SOAR.

Integration Name


Fresh Service

Freshservice provides an intelligent, right-sized service management solution for modern businesses of all sizes. Freshservice does this by taking a fresh approach to building and delivering modern employee experiences and unified service management —empowering businesses to achieve efficiency, fast time-to-value, and improved employee satisfaction and productivity.

Updated Integrations

The following integrations have been updated in this release of D3 SOAR.

Integration Name


Microsoft Exchange Server

New command: Parse Attached Email

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