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Application Setting Enhancement

New Setting: Login Authentication

To improve user experience, we are introducing Login Authentication - which configures login authentication for users and sites. Users can implement their own Identity Management platforms by clicking + New Certificate under the Certificate tab. The default login method will apply to all users and sites unless specified otherwise. To customize settings for specific users and sites, utilize the Site and User tabs.

Currently, four types of Login Methods are supported:

  • General Authentication



  • SAML Azure



Update To Connection Parameters

Verify and revise all tooltips associated with the connection parameters.

Updated Integrations

The following integrations have been updated in this release of D3 SOAR.

Integration Name


Microsoft Teams Bot

New command: Reply Channel Message

Send Activity: Modified command output.

Changes could be implemented as a workaround to mention channels.


List Users: Add an optional parameter to get user roles.

Carbon Black

Fetch Event: Enhance the field mapping to allow for mapping multiple observations in the event summary.

Tenable Security Center

Query Vulnerability Details:

  • Add optional parameter - Vulnerability Status.

  • Update the Severity parameter to minimum Severity, providing the severity range from specific severity to critical.

  • Update the Plug IDs parameter. If the input value is a text array, D3 will automatically convert it to a number array.

Run Vulnerability Query By Query ID

  • Update the data type of the key field PlugID from text array to number array.

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